How to Stop Smelly Feet in the Summer?

Sweaty, smelly feet are a common problem in the hot summer months. The heat causes your feet to sweat more, creating a damp environment inside your shoes that allows odor-causing bacteria to thrive. While you can’t eliminate foot sweat entirely, you can take steps to control odor and keep your feet fresh. Here are some useful tips for minimizing foot odor during the summer.

Wash Feet Daily

Make sure to wash your feet with soap and water every day during the summer. Use an anti-bacterial soap and wash between the toes where bacteria tends to accumulate. Rinse thoroughly and dry feet completely, especially between the toes. Considering ending your shower by washing your feet last, so you step out with clean feet.

Use Antiperspirant or Powder

Apply an antiperspirant or powder to your feet before putting on shoes. The aluminum in antiperspirants will help block sweat glands and reduce moisture. Look for one containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Foot powders like talcum or cornstarch help absorb moisture and prevent fungal growth. Sprinkle a bit in your shoes and socks too. Reapply antiperspirant/powder during the day if your feet get sweaty.

Wear Moisture-Wicking Socks

Choose moisture-wicking socks made of synthetic moisture wicking fabrics like polyester or Coolmax. They pull sweat away from the skin and promote ventilation and air flow inside the shoes. Change your socks at least once during the day if they become damp. Having an extra pair of socks allows you to change them when one pair gets sweaty.

Use Antifungal Spray or Powder

Using an antifungal spray or powder on your feet will help control the growth of odor-causing fungi and bacteria. Look for over-the-counter products containing miconazole nitrate, clotrimazole, or tolnaftate. Spray or powder your feet after washing and before putting on socks. Reapply as needed during the day.

Change Shoes Regularly

Rotate wearing different pairs of shoes each day allow them to fully dry out between wears. Bacteria and fungi thrive in the moist, dark environment inside shoes. Letting shoes air out prevents the growth of smelly microbes. Consider using moisture absorbing shoe inserts or sandals that expose the feet to air.

Soak Feet in Vinegar

The antimicrobial and mildly acidic properties of vinegar make it great for controlling foot odor. Add 1 cup of vinegar to a basin of warm water and soak feet for 15 minutes. This will inhibit bacteria growth. For especially smelly feet, soak them in a vinegar bath 2 or 3 times a week.

Use OTC Medications

Special foot hygiene products containing ingredients like zeolites, activated charcoal, and odor absorbers can help remove existing foot odor and prevent recurrence. These are formulated to attack odor at the source, and can be used daily in problem areas.

Get Pedicures

Routine pedicures keep feet looking and smelling fresh by removing callused skin in which bacteria can thrive. Technicians also trim nails, clear debris from under the toenails, and scrub away dead skin cells. Be sure to pick a reputable salon that properly sterilizes equipment and tools.

Limit Closed-Toe Shoes

When possible, wear open-toed shoes like sandals or flip flops during the summer. This allows air to circulate around your feet to keep them drier. Closed shoes trap in moisture, heat and sweat that promotes odor-causing bacteria and fungal growth. Have an open-toed option handy for changing into when closed shoes are not required.

Making your feet less sweaty and stinky during the hot summer season is definitely possible with consistent foot hygiene. Washing, drying thoroughly, using moisture-wicking socks, and rotating shoes are key actions to take. With diligent foot care, you can keep your feet fresh all summer long. Don’t resign yourself to smelly feet – take control with these tips and enjoy comfort, confidence and freedom from foot odor.