How Do Odor-Eaters Insoles Work for Smelly Feet?

Odor-Eaters utilize a combination of technologies to combat foot odor. The key ingredients in Odor-Eaters insoles are activated charcoal and zinc oxide. Activated charcoal has a porous structure that works like a sponge, absorbing moisture and odor molecules. As you walk, your feet sweat and the charcoal soaks up the sweat along with any smells before they have a chance to develop and waft up from your shoes.

Zinc oxide is also included in Odor-Eaters insoles. Zinc oxide is thought to help neutralize odors and control the bacteria that causes the smells in the first place. The zinc disrupts the bacteria’s ability to produce smelly byproducts. Together, the charcoal and zinc oxide provide dual odor and moisture fighting action.

The activated charcoal in Odor-Eaters insoles is specially processed to maximize its odor absorbing power. It has an extremely high surface area within all its microscopic pores, which gives it tremendous capacity to trap sweat and odor molecules. The charcoal itself is odorless and won’t impart any scent onto your feet.

In addition to charcoal and zinc oxide, Odor-Eaters insoles may also include antimicrobial ingredients to inhibit bacterial growth. Substances like aluminum chloride or baking soda help neutralize pH levels, making the environment less hospitable for the bacteria that causes odors. The insoles may also have a top layer infused with additional odor fighting chemicals for even greater odor blocking effects.

When you first use a new pair of Odor-Eaters insoles, it may take a few days for them to reach peak effectiveness. It takes a bit of time for the activated charcoal to become fully saturated with the odors from your feet. Within a week of consistent wear, you should notice a significant reduction in foot odor. From then on, the insoles will continue absorbing smells and moisture.

Make sure to replace your Odor-Eaters insoles about every six months to ensure the charcoal remains effective. Washing the insoles occasionally can also help revive some of the activated charcoal’s absorbency. Follow the care instructions for your particular Odor-Eaters product.

To get the most out of Odor-Eaters insoles, be sure to wear them regularly and keep your feet as dry possible. Change your socks daily and wear moisture wicking socks to cut down on excess sweat. Well-aired shoes are also important to prevent trapped odors. Use the insoles in all your shoes – athletic shoes, work boots, heels, etc.

Besides insoles, Odor-Eaters also offers foot powders, sprays, shoe sanitizers, and other products containing similar odor fighting ingredients to provide all-around foot and shoe odor protection. With consistent use, Odor-Eaters insoles can help provide relief from embarrassing foot odors and keep your feet smelling fresh all day long. The combination of activated charcoal and zinc oxide provides a powerful one-two punch against foot odor causes for optimal odor blocking effects. Give Odor-Eaters a try for an easy solution for smelly feet!