What is the Recipe for Listerine Foot Soak?

After a long day of being on your feet, your tired dogs could use a little TLC. Skip the expensive pedicures and pamper your paws from the comfort of home with a relaxing DIY Listerine foot soak. This easy foot bath recipe helps soften cracked heels, soothe aches, remove odors, and leave your feet smooth and refreshed.

The main ingredient that gives this foot soak its refreshing powers is Listerine. Original Listerine contains essential oils like eucalyptus, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol which have natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. When soaked in a foot bath, these oils work to fight bacteria and fungus, cool inflammation, and leave your feet cleansed and deodorized.

The foot soak also utilizes Epsom salts which contain magnesium sulfate. Magnesium helps to ease sore, tired muscles while sulfates flush out toxins. Together, these minerals provide soothing relief to weary soles. The addition of baking soda acts as a natural exfoliant to gently slough off dead skin cells and soften calluses for smooth, sandal-ready feet.

Not only is this foot soak easy to make with common household ingredients, but it’s also cost-effective compared to pricey pedicure services. Follow these simple steps to whip up a batch in no time:


  • 1 gallon warm water
  • 1/2 cup Listerine (amber original antiseptic mouthwash)
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • 1/4 cup baking soda


  1. Fill a basin, bucket, or other large container with 1 gallon of warm water – not too hot! The water should be comfortable when you dip your feet in. The warmer temperature helps open pores and allows the soak to penetrate better.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of original Listerine antiseptic mouthwash to the water. The amber color liquid works best as it contains the essential oils. Avoid cooler mint varieties.
  3. Pour in 1/2 cup of Epsom salts and stir until fully dissolved. The minerals take a bit to incorporate.
  4. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of baking soda into the mix. Baking soda gives off fizzing bubbles to provide a gentle scrub.
  5. Soak feet for 15-20 minutes. Sit back and relax! The solution will go to work softening skin, fighting odor, and soothing aches.
  6. Pat feet dry with a clean towel. No need to rinse – the Listerine and baking soda will leave feet fresh.
  7. Apply a moisturizer like coconut oil or mineral oil while skin is still damp to seal in softness.

For best results, give yourself a Listerine foot soak two or three times a week. The gentle formula can be used daily for chronically dry, cracked feet. Keep feet healthy in between soaks by exfoliating with a foot scrub or pumice stone to remove calluses.

Give your feet some TLC with this simple, spa-like soak. The rejuvenating recipe cleans, softens, and deodorizes tired toes using common household staples. Use the refreshing treatment to pamper hardworking heels and keep your feet smooth, soft, and sandal-ready. Your dogs will thank you!