Does Spray Deodorant Help Sweaty Feet?

There are many antiperspirants and foot powders marketed to control foot sweat, some people turn to regular spray deodorant to try and combat this issue. But does spraying deodorant on your feet actually help with sweaty feet? Here are some real user experiences with using spray deodorant on sweaty feet.

James, 28

I’ve struggled with sweaty feet since I was a teenager. No matter what socks or shoes I wear, my feet end up drenched in sweat within an hour of putting my shoes on. I’ve tried every foot powder and antiperspirant cream out there but nothing has really worked to control the sweating. On a whim, I decided to start spraying regular deodorant spray on my feet before putting on socks. I use an unscented spray deodorant.

To my surprise, spraying deodorant on my feet has really helped reduce the sweating. It’s not a 100% solution but my feet definitely feel drier during the day after spraying on the deodorant in the morning. I think the aluminum in the spray helps block some of the sweat glands down there. It’s a cheap and easy trick that has improved my quality of life and saved me from embarrassment. I still have sweaty feet but it’s not as unmanageable as it used to be. The deodorant spray helps control the moisture reasonably well.

Sarah, 44

I exercised regularly at the gym and would get terribly sweaty and smelly feet in my workout shoes. It was so embarrassing taking my shoes off in the locker room. I saw online that some people use spray deodorant on their feet to combat sweat and odor, so I decided to give it a try.

I sprayed a liberal amount of spray deodorant on my feet and in my shoes before going to the gym. I have to say that it did seem to help reduce foot sweat during my workout. My feet felt drier than normal by the end of class. I didn’t notice a huge difference in odor control though. By the end of the day, my feet were still pretty stinky.

While the deodorant spray did seem to mildly control foot sweat, it wasn’t a cure-all solution for me. It didn’t totally eliminate sweating like a clinical antiperspirant would. And it didn’t help much with odor by the end of the day. But it did provide a minor improvement in dampness control. If you suffer from mildly sweaty feet, it may be worth trying deodorant spray as an affordable way to keep your feet a bit drier during the day. But for hardcore sweaty feet, clinical antiperspirants are probably better options.

Michael, 36

As someone who has always had issues with sweaty, smelly feet, I was excited to try using regular deodorant spray on my feet when I heard it recommended online. I picked up a can of spray deodorant and began liberally spraying my feet and inside my shoes in the mornings.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any real improvement in sweat or odor control from using the deodorant spray on my feet. Within an hour or two of putting my shoes on, my feet were soaked with sweat as usual. And I would peel my shoes off at the end of the day to the same overpowering stench that I’m used to.

While the deodorant spray may work for some people with mild foot sweat, it unfortunately did nothing for my chronic sweaty feet. The sweat glands down there are just too powerful. No match for an aluminum-based spray deodorant.

I think for serious foot sweating, prescription clinical strength antiperspirants are required. Over-the-counter deodorant sprays are just not potent enough to significantly reduce foot perspiration in my experience. But it may be worth trying if you only deal with minor dampness. For truly sweaty feet though, stronger treatments are likely needed.