6 Simple Ways to Make Your Feet Smell Better

Smelly feet are caused by sweat mixing with bacteria on your skin. Luckily, you can take steps to combat and prevent unpleasant foot smells. Here are 6 simple ways to make your feet smell better:

Wash Your Feet Daily

    Make washing your feet part of your regular shower or bath routine. Use a mild soap and warm water to thoroughly cleanse your feet. Don’t forget to wash between toes where sweat and dead skin can accumulate. Rinse well, and be sure to dry feet completely when done, including in between the toes. Drying helps eliminate bacteria and prevents fungal infections.

    Soak Your Feet

      Foot soaks can deep clean and deodorize smelly feet. Fill a basin with warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda or antibacterial soap. Soak feet for 15-20 minutes to allow ingredients to penetrate skin and kill bacteria. For an exfoliating treat, add a cup of Epsom salt to soften calluses too. Rinse and dry feet well after soaking.

      Apply Antiperspirant

        Applying an antiperspirant to your feet can help control sweating, which is the main cause of foot odor. Use a spray or powder designed specifically for feet. Spray or sprinkle it all over feet and between the toes before bed. This gives it time to fully absorb while you sleep. Reapply antiperspirant daily for the best results.

        Change Socks Regularly

          Make a habit of changing your socks at least once a day. The bacteria that causes foot odor thrives in the warm, damp environment inside socks and shoes. Putting on a fresh pair keeps feet drier. Choose moisture wicking socks to absorb sweat away from skin.

          Use Deodorizing Powder

            Specialized foot powders can help eliminate unpleasant foot odors. Look for powder containing baking soda, zinc oxide, or activated charcoal. These ingredients absorb moisture and neutralize smells. Lightly sprinkle the powder inside shoes and socks or directly on feet. The particles will soak up sweat and bacteria that leads to odors.

            Let Your Feet Breathe

              When possible, let your feet breathe by wearing open sandals or going barefoot. This allows air to circulate and feet to stay dry. At home, remove shoes and socks to let feet air out. At night, try sleeping without socks so feet and toes completely dry. Preventing dampness goes a long way towards controlling foot odor issues.

              Poor foot hygiene is the main cause of smelly feet. Making some simple adjustments like washing properly, changing socks daily, using deodorizing products, and keeping feet dry can greatly improve foot odor. Putting consistent effort into caring for your feet will help you walk with confidence knowing they smell fresh.